Annual Award Nominations

Outstanding performance by a CPM or ARM who is dedicated to:

  • Advancing the real estate management industry

  • Providing transformational service to clients, tenants and residents

  • Demonstrating personal commitment to community service

  • Demonstrating leadership through innovative initiatives, programs, or business practices that resulted in business advancement and/or property success

  • Demonstrating leadership by mentoring of others

  • Demonstrating commitment to ethical business practices based on the IREM Code of Professional Ethics

  • Engaging in IREM, either directly or through support of employees, colleagues, and industry peers

  • Promoting the CPM or ARM through personal and business relationships

Previous Award Winners

2007    Eric Storey, CPM
2008    Randy Owen, CPM
2009    Renee Schmid, CPM
2011     Ben Forsyth, CPM
2012    Jeff Bettinson, CPM
2013    James Terry, CPM
2014    Jolene Terry Phinney, CPM
2015    Duncan Lambert, CPM
2016    Gary Bullock, CPM
2017    Lisa Ward, ARM
2018    Nathan Thompson, CPM

2018    Danny Davis, ARM

CPM of the Year Nomination Form

ARM of the Year Nomination Form