Asbestos Consulting, Environmental, Property Condition, and Pavement Management


Direct Phone: (801) 746-5499
Darlene Batatian- [email protected]




Direct Phone - 801-449-9749
Ryan Ashworth - [email protected]
Karly Walton - [email protected]





Carpet Cleaning


Cell Phone: 801-318-6542
Armando Guereca - [email protected]


Coating Installations/Painting



Phone Number: (801) 753-8737
Shaun McMurray: [email protected]


Phone: 801-908-0514
Rich Wilcox: [email protected]


Commercial Window Cleaning



Steve Monson
[email protected]


Concrete Restoration


Direct Phone: (801) 440-7072
Brian Bell




Direct Phone: (801) 486-4301
Bart Caley - [email protected]


Direct Phone: (801) 712-0675
Amy Goller - [email protected]
Keri Jones - [email protected]



Electrical and Lighting


Direct Phone: (801) 544-1533
Tony Rydman: [email protected]


Phone: 801-410-0533
Scott Thompson: [email protected]



Elevator Maintenance


Direct Phone: 801-656-4788
Stephanie Price: [email protected]
Cheryl Sanford: [email protected]



Fire Systems
Kizzi Murdock



Floor Cleaning and Restoration


Phone: 801-232-4271
Chris Wood: [email protected]


General Contractor


Phone Number: 801-376-3555
Tyler Brinkman: [email protected]





Phone: 801-968-4220
Brenda Dutson: [email protected]





Direct Phone: (801) 748-4020 
Shelly Faust: [email protected]
Kristen North: [email protected]


Business Phone: (801) 373-2424
Ron Moore: [email protected]
Scott Gourley: [email protected]
Melody Holland: [email protected]


Landscape/Snow Removal




Parking Lot and Street Sweeping


Direct Phone: (801) 973-6976
Debbie Jacketta: [email protected]


Property Maintenance


Phone: 801-706-7378
Ed Tallerico: [email protected]


Direct Phone: (801) 671-3725
John Engel: [email protected]


Roof Supplier


Phone Number: 801-495-3939
Jason Greenwood: [email protected]





Leo Koetje - [email protected]


Laura Gines
5215 Wiley Post Way | Suite #120 | Salt Lake City UT, 84116
C: 801.821.8776 | [email protected]


Trenchless Pipe Restoration



Waste Removal


Direct Phone: (801) 363-9995
Dawn Beagley: [email protected]


Water Conservation


Phone Number: (801) 726-2775
Dan Hymas: [email protected]